Are you trying to conceive? Do you have irregular or absence of periods? Are you preparing for IVF or have multiple IVF failures? Have you been told you have low ovarian reserve and poor egg quality?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then I am here to help you.


I have a comprehensive approach in the way I help my clients to restore their fertility and seldom rely only on the use of acupuncture exclusively. Many of the lifestyle factors are modifiable and I will help you to make healthier lifestyle choices to optimize your fertility. I will also assess your fertility and medical history in order to identify the possible causes that could be hindering your chances of getting pregnant. I can refer you to the relevant professional if I feel it’s necessary to optimize your chances to conceive and carry on with a healthy pregnancy. This can save time and money should it be more beneficial to have medical investigation/ intervention in the first place. However, if you choose not to pursue medical investigation, I can support that choice too.

About Eva Stecz

I graduated from Westminster University with a BSc (Hons) in Acupuncture. I continued to refine my acupuncture clinical skills through many years of study with Master Nguyen Tinh Thong, a highly regarded East Asian physician and teacher. I have extensive clinical experience in the management of infertility having worked at City Fertility and the Zita West Clinic. Zita West Clinic is one of the leading integrated fertility clinics in the UK. It has been a privilege to work in this unique environment for many years where medical and complementary medicine professionals work in collaboration to help couples to conceive.

I have studied closely with medical doctors and fertility specialists including Dr George Ndukwe, a leading IVF doctor specializing in reproductive immunology. I have a particular interest in uncovering and managing general health conditions that might hinder optimal reproduction.

I am also keenly interested in fertility research and have lectured on both the use of acupuncture during IVF and the role of acupuncture in the management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  

 I have completed several post graduate studies

The Roots of Chinese Gynaecology – a seminar with Sabine Wilms

Integrated Acupuncture Seminar for Fertility at The Royal College of Physicians

Ovarian Ageing – Zita West Acupuncture Network

Optimizing Ovarian Reserve – Brandon Horn and Wendy Yu

Acupuncture and Pregnancy – Zita West Acupuncture Network

Acupuncture and IVF – Zita West Acupuncture Network

Embryology and Assisted Conception – Raj Joshi

Reproductive Immunology – Dr George Ndukwe

Masterclass in Reproductive Immunology – Royal Society of Medicine

Recurrent Miscarriage – Dr Raj Rai
Introduction to Moxibustion technique – Cinzia Scorzon and Michael Potter

Abdominal diagnosis – Trudy Zvipf
IVF protocols and medications – Dr Tarek El-Toukhy
The Thyroid Summit – Dr David Brownstein and Dr Suzy Cohen

Chinese Medicine for fertility – Heidi Brockmyre
Functional Medicine Health Summit – Dr Dan Ritchie
Gut/Hormone connection – Steven Wright and Jordan Reasoner

Introducing Functional Medicine into Acupuncture Practice – Dr.Daniel Kalish
Electroacupuncture – David Mayer

Abdominal Sacral Massage – The School of Andominal Sacral Massage



The primary aim of acupuncture is to restore the balance of seemingly two opposite fundamental energies called, Yin and Yang by puncturing acupuncture points with fine needles on different meridians, otherwise called energy channels. In this way a healthy interaction and communication among the different bodily systems can be achieved leading to the restoration and maintenance of optimal body functions and health.


This a modern acupuncture technique in which electrodes are attached to the shaft of the acupuncture needles. When the electro-machine is switched on a low electric current is passed on between two needles. Patients may experience slight tingling or tapping sensation during treatment. It has been effectively used for pain relief and neurological conditions. It has been shown to alleviate pain for women with painful periods and restore/regulate ovulation.


Small acupuncture needles are inserted into the external skin surface of the ear to stimulate specific body areas and systems to restore balance and health. shown to alleviate pain for women with painful periods and restore/regulate ovulation. maintenance of optimal body functions and health.


Cups are placed on the skin to create pressure that sucks the skin inward and left there for no longer than 10min. The pressure that the cups create draw fresh blood to the skin surface that vitalizes and restores blood flow to the affected area. It is mainly used to relieve muscle tension and pain, help eliminate cold/flu and for general well-being by reducing stress/tension.achieved leading to the restoration and maintenance of optimal body functions and health.


A non-invasive, gentle yet deep abdominal and sacral massage that optimizes fertility and strengthens digestion by encouraging blood, oxygen and lymph flow to the organs of the abdomen. It is useful to alleviate the symptoms of any conditions related to the uterus and ovaries that can hinder optimal fertility.


Tui na is one of the four main branches of traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s a form of bodywork and energy medicine. The massage places emphasis on ‘holistic healing’ by promoting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Tui Na can help to alleviate stress-related conditions, like insomnia, premenstrual syndrome, and digestive issues. The massage is done fully clothed and may be combined with acupuncture.relief and neurological conditions. It has been shown to alleviate pain for women with painful periods and restore/regulate ovulation. maintenance of optimal body functions and health.


I treat a wide range of health issues , however my practice specifically focuses on the following conditions as shown below

Natural conception
Assisted conception
Poor ovarian reserve, High FSH, Low AMH
Amenorrhoea (PCOS, Hypothalamic, Post Birth Control Pill)
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Cystitis / Interstitial Cystitis
Irregular periods
Luteal Phase Defect
Suboptimal sperm parameters
Autoimmune conditions


  • I have worked with Eva in the past three years and my patients speak very highly of her and I have remarkable improvement in pregnancy rates in patients who have acupuncture. Also I find how it works in male fertility very promising.

    Mr George Ndukwe
    Medical Director at Zita West Assisted Fertility Clinic
  • Over the years I have received positive feedback from patients about your caring and skill full professionalism and expert advice before and during fertility treatment

    Mr Tarek El-Toukhy, MBBCh MSc MD MRCOG
    Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and PGD Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London
  • I have visited Eva for acupuncture treatments during a number of IVF cycles. I have always found the treatments very relaxing and they have definitely helped me to approach the cycles in a calm and positive way and to be well prepared as possible. Eva has always been extremely knowledgeable, caring and supportive and I am very grateful for all the help and advice she has given me.

  • I was worried before that the needles would be painful, but Eva put me at ease and not a single one hurt. I felt that I was kept informed the whole way through the treatment as to what was happening and why it was. I am not being treated for fertility but I would highly recommend Eva and this type of treatment for all types of illnesses.



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